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Recurring Service at Your Office

Clean offices are important for clients and employees alike and can provide a myriad of benefits. Cleaner offices have been shown to:

  • Reduce stress: They allow for better organizations so you can stay focused on your work
  • Save time: They allow for saved time as you're not worrying about cleaning
  • Improve health: By not working in a dirty office, you are able to reduce exposure to bacteria, leading to less illness
  • Provide good first impressions: It's important for clients to have a good first impression of your clean office, and could lead to better client relationships
  • Improve mental health: Working in a clean environment works wonders for reducing stress and having less to worry about

Scheduling at Your Office:

  • We offer several different recurring frequencies: weekly, every other week, every four weeks or every 8 weeks.
  • We have a smaller crew who works on the weekends and in the evenings to accommodate your scheduling needs.
  • We make it a priority to get you with the same fairy, on the same day of the week each time to ensure consistent results!
  • Clients get an hourly price break when signing up for recurring services.


  • Cubicals / Conference Rooms

    Cubicals & conference rooms take 5 - 15 minutes to clean

    • Wipe down all surfaces (desks, chairs, tables, window sills, file cabinets etc.)
    • Spot check glass doors & interior windows
    • Vacuum and/or mop floors
    • Remove all trash
    • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
    • Dry dust keyboards & computer bases
  • Kitchenettes

    Kitchenettes take 15 - 30 minutes to clean

    • Wipe down all surfaces (counter tops, sink, various other surfaces etc.)
    • Spot check cabinet fronts
    • Wipe down any small appliances
    • Polish fronts of any larger appliances
    • Inside & outside of the microwave
    • Do any dishes in the sink
    • Remove trash
    • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
    • Vacuum & mop floors
  • Bathrooms

    Bathrooms take 10 - 30 minutes to clean

    • Sanitize all surfaces (sink, toilet, floors etc.)
    • Restock soap, paper towels & toilet if necessary
    • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
    • Vacuum & mop floors
  • Stairways / Hallways

    Stairways & hallways take 5 - 15 minutes to clean

    • Any surfaces wiped down
    • Vacuum and/or mop floors
    • Wipe railings
    • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
  • Lobby / Common Areas

    Lobbies and common areas take 5 - 30 minutes to clean

    • Wipe down any surfaces (tables, chairs, desks etc.)
    • Vacuum and/or mop floors
    • Spot check interior glass
    • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
    • Trash removal

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Cleaning Hours:

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Weekends: Subject to availability

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