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All-purpose Cleaner

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Doterra On Guard Cleaner Concentrate:

This powerful essential oil blend is combined with plant-based derivatives that provide a non-toxic and biodegradable way to clean and eliminate odors, so it is safe for loved ones as well as the environment.

Floor Cleaner

Naturally Dirt Destroying Floor Cleaner by Better Life:

Used on all sealed flooring including but not limited to hardwood, tile, marble, bamboo, vinyl, and laminate for a brilliant shine without streaks or haze

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Bona Pro Series Hardwood floor cleaner:

Formulated for all types of hardwood floors coated with a clear, un-waxed finish, this environmentally responsible cleaner leaves no dulling residue and will not dull the floor’s finish.

Vinegar and Water:

Vinegar and water cuts through dirt and grime, leaving a streak-free and naturally clean floor. This is mixed in our office to ensure the ratio is safe for flooring.

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Floor Cleaning Tools

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System:

The EasyWring™ Spin Mop & Bucket System gives you the ability to control the amount of water and moisture applied to floors making for easier wringing and quicker-drying floors. The deep-cleaning microfiber removes and absorbs tough dirt and grime leaving floors clean and dust free.

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O-Cedar Hardwood Floor 'N More Mop (Shmop):

  • Microfiber fibers grab and hold dirt, dust, hair and moisture
  • Can be used dry for a sweeping effect or damp for a deeper clean
  • Eco-friendly and machine washable up to 100x
  • Compatible with the Hardwood Floor 'N More Refill offered in both microfiber and terry cloth versions

Eureka Mighty Mite Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

The Mighty Mite canister vacuum is equipped with powerful brush rolls to deep clean carpets and a full set of tools are provided for specialty cleaning such as stairs and upholstery. This canister vacuum can pick up dust and pet hair easily. It has also made cleaning the insides of a car more convenient as it sucks up dirt and other small particles from under the seats as well as the sides.
Note: the only product that we don’t provide is an upright vacuum for thicker carpeted areas. If you have an upright available for our staff to use, please let us know where it is kept.

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Glass Cleaners

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Vinegar and Water:

Green Living, from National Geographic, recommends this simple recipe, plus a few extra tips for the best window cleaning outcome.

Dawn Dish Soap:

A streak free pre-wash for glass surfaces, followed by a professional grade squeegee for optimal results.

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Toilet Bowl Cleaners

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Naturally Throne Tidying Toilet Bowl Cleaner made by better life:

Our natural toilet bowl cleaner removes rings and banishes buildup inside of toilet bowls.

Pumice Stones:

Our staff has pumice stones for those stains that help keep build up away if you use our services on a recurring basis.

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Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaners

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Naturally Grime-Busting Kitchen & Bathroom Scrubber made by better life:

This natural kitchen and bath cream cleans, polishes, and protects hard surfaces, blasting through water spots, soap scum, gunk, grease, oil, and grime.

Simple Green® All-Purpose Cleaner:

Powerful cleaner and degreaser designed for effective and environmentally safer use on counters, carpet, floors, fabric, equipment, vehicles and more. Concentrated, orally non-toxic and biodegradable formula provides up to 30 times the cleaning value.

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White Mineral Oil (for stainless steel polishing):

UltraPro Food Grade White Oils are colorless, odorless, and tasteless mixtures of saturated paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons. Our food grade white oils are chemically, and biologically stable, and do not support bacterial growth. UltraPro Food Grade White Oils contain vitamin E, a natural antioxidant to protect quality during handling and storage.

Soft Scrub® Cleanser with Bleach:

    Only used as needed for deeper level cleans Soft Scrub® Cleanser with Bleach is a mild abrasive cleanser for sinks, tubs, showers, glazed tile, counters, and toilets. The thick formula sticks to stains and cleans and kills 99.9% of germs* found on surfaces like stainless steel, sealed granite, sealed fiberglass, plastic laminate andglass-top stoves.

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Wood Cleaning

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Naturally Dust defying wood polish made by Better Life:

This natural wood polish and cleaner removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, and smudges, while a special blend of natural oils conditions and protects all wood types.

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