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We Give You Your Weekends Back!

We are cleaning fairies!

Serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Gunbarrel, Superior, Niwot, Longmont, Lyons and surrounding areas for over 21 years. We Absolutely Guarantee Results. The Cleaning Fairies are here to give your weekends back to you & your family!

Cleaning Experts

Our employees are provided with extensive training regarding how to use our specialized cleaning equipment and products properly. All employees are thoroughly screened and background checked before being brought onto our team to ensure our clients with 100% security! We also have full liability insurance because we know that accidents can happen and when they do we are prepared!

Environmentally Friendly

We use professional-grade, environmentally friendly cleaning equipment. Such equipment enables us to clean your home deeply and effectively while not causing any damage. We strongly believe that working towards a greener lifestyle is beneficial for your family, our staff and the community overall.

Customer Focused

We work directly with you to develop a custom cleaning plan that suits your specific needs and priorities in your home or office. Such a plan involves determining how deeply you want the space cleaned, as well as which areas need the most attention. Working with a budget? No problem, we can rotate between cleaning certain areas in your home each time, so no area is left unattended for too long!

People     The Cleaning Fairies

  • I am in real estate and I have dealt with a ton of cleaning crews over the past few years. I can tell you that the Cleaning Fairies were AMAZING!!!!! I will not use anyone else after my experience with them. They are so prompt with follow up- and were able to fit in my cleanings on a SUPER short notice. The houses looked fabulous after they had been there. I will recommend them to EVERYONE!!!

    Tara Moreno
    Cleaning Fairies Customer
  • "SHE WAS AMAZING!!! She even did things I didn't have on my list of priorities. She did my dishes, took out my garbage, and even cleaned my laundry room sink. Unbelievable. And I don't think my shower doors have ever been so clean. I am thinking about trying to find a way to have this once a month. The peace of mind I had Monday evening when I came home was priceless!"

    Ginna Larson
    Cleaning Fairies Customer
  • I was floored by how well and thorough the clean was. The mirrors were so clean. My computer screen was cleaned?!?!?! WOW! And the windows. They look so incredibly lovely when not decorated with the cloudy streaks of my mutts' muzzles. I felt incredibly well taken care of, and grateful! I'm completely glad that you all came, and will come again. It's nice to have a clean house. It's AWESOME to have thoughtful people in my life. Thank you. I love it!

    Allyn Harker
    Cleaning Fairies Customer
  • As always, our fairy did a great job! During this time, more than ever, I appreciate her hard work, cheerful manner and willingness. With my disabilities, some tasks are impossible for me to do, so for me, having my home cleaned is essential.Thank you from me to the entire Cleaning Fairies company, and most especially to our fairy for all she does. If I have to be isolated in my home for some extended period of time, I’m much more at ease being in a clean comfortable home.

    Sherry Gomes
    Cleaning Fairies Customer

What is a site visit?

  • 10 - 20 min walkthrough
    10 - 20 minute walkthrough

    Site visits take 10 min-20 min and allow us to walk through each area of your home or office and take notes room for room based on your specific needs.

  • Tell us your expectations
    Tell us your expectations

    We get an idea of what your overall expectations are when signing up for our services, so we can find the perfect match for your home or office!

  • Get an Accurate Estimate
    Get an Accurate Estimate

    We will then provide you an accurate estimate of how long your home or office will take to clean and how much it will cost. We work with you depending on your budget to come up with the best possible use of time.

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